Mediating and Arbitrating Real Estate and Leasing Disputes

I have been sometimes asked why a real estate or lease dispute might need an arbitrator or mediator with real estate and leasing experience. The answer to me seems obvious. ​

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Sidney H. Troister, LSM
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If you are looking for someone to mediate or arbitrate a real estate or leasing dispute, why not choose someone with not only the skill and experience of being an arbitrator or mediator but also someone who knows and understands the context of the dispute—what it is you are fighting about.

After over 40 years practising real estate and leasing law, I have probably done it or seen it. Not only that, but I have also probably experienced the dispute or a variation of it or written an opinion about it.

Real estate and leasing law and practice is not linear and certainly does not fit into a nice neat box. The practice requires a broad knowledge of title law, contract law, environmental law, planning and zoning law, family law, municipal law, mortgage law, condominium law, leasing law, remedies law, professional liability law, survey law, title insurance law, litigation practice and procedure and a host of other subcategories of law and practice.

Over the last number of years, litigation counsel have come to rely on my solutions-oriented approach to resolving real estate and leasing disputes as both mediator and arbitrator.

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